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"Viet Cong were set to perform at the Oberlin College venue Dionysus Disco on March 14. However, the promoter has canceled the show because of the band's name.

In a statement shared on the venue's Facebook page, promoter Ivan Krasnov apologized "for inviting a band with a name that deeply offends and hurts Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American communities, both in Oberlin and beyond." He continued, "I acknowledge the problematic nature of a band naming themselves 'Viet Cong' and extend my apology to anyone hurt or made uncomfortable by the name and its connotations."

Hey, Ivan. Man up. Pull down your pants and tell Oberlin to suck your dick. Sheesh. No need to apologize to those dopes.

Multiculturalism is soooo 1980s and very over rated now.


Cop Block video. 

Graphic and anger inducing.


Somehow I'm not surprised Austria was the first country to do this:

"The new law, which the Austrian government says could serve as a model for the rest of Europe, seeks to reduce outside meddling by prohibiting foreign funding for mosques, imams and Muslim organizations in Austria. It also stresses that Austrian law must take precedence over Islamic Sharia law for Muslims living in the country."


Democrats lash out at Netanyahu:

"House minority leader Nancy Pelosi at times refused to clap and later issued a statement saying Mr Netanyahu's speech had been an "insult to the intelligence of the United States" that had left her near tears."

My God. Here's a Kleenex, hon.

Is it me or are they like petulant children? They're act like narcissists whenever someone dares question them.

"'Boring and repetitive' Mr Obama said he had been unable to watch the speech as it was given, but found "nothing new" when he read the transcript.

"The alternative that the prime minister offers is 'no deal', in which case Iran will immediately begin once again pursuing its nuclear programme, accelerate its nuclear programme without us having any insight into what they are doing and without constraint," he said."

He should know being the master of boring and predictable.

'Nothing New' is the perfect slogan for Obama's tenure as President.

I get that Netanyahu's shitck can upset people but the reaction from the administration has not been statesmanlike to say the least.

Then again, did we expect anything less?


Well, it's not like my rankings will be affected by Google's 'Trustworthy' rankings.

"Under a new “fact-based” search rankings system currently under development by Google, one of the most popular websites for celebrity news would fall far down the ranks of “trustworthy” sources of information.

Gawker — the Manhattan-based, media-focused news website that pulls in an estimated 22 million unique views monthly — is one of a number of “gossip websites” that could suffer major absences in search queries as a result of Google’s “Knowledge-Based Trust” system, according to researchers at Google."

Not sure how this would affect opinion blogs and content though.


From Total Frat Move:

"Sad members of our soft American culture are officially running out of things by which to be offended. The latest straw-grasping attempt to express misplaced disdain for something completely harmless comes to us from Quinnipiac University.

A student “activist” single-handedly caused the postponement of a Kappa Alpha Theta philanthropy event because she deemed the display of maracas on a poster for a Latin-themed event to be culturally insensitive and “shameful.” Maracas. Fucking maracas."

At least she's got something to put on her resume.

Prediction: She will demand society pay off her student loan debt.

I still don't understand how ONE twit has the power to shut down a philanthropic event.

We shouldn't be giving overly sensitive and shrill SJW's attention.


The same people who absurdly rail against 'cultural appropriation' (notice how it's always whites who appropriate other cultures and never the other way around) embarrass themselves in other ways:

Yes. A white girl with an annoying voice understand racism better than a black cop because UCLA research.

Weep for Western civilization. Or at least whatever kids are learning in universities these days.


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