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"Palestinian activist Rasmieh Odeh, 67, was sentenced today in a Detroit courtroom to 18 months for immigration fraud tied to her alleged role in bombings in Israel in 1969 that killed two civilians. Her case has drawn national attention, becoming a flash point in the debate over Israel."


Do the crime, do the time.

Amazed such people have supporters.


"...Familiar, yes -- and illegal if this were the U.S. Becausewhat these people are selling are neither stocks nor bonds norfutures nor funds. They are offering contracts for difference,financial derivatives that are off-limits to retail investors inthe U.S. and highly regulated elsewhere."

Good for Chile.

America is supposed to be the land of the free; especially when it comes to money and wealth but it's been surpassed in this instance.

They've come a long way since that socialist Allende.




There's no such thing as 'peak' anything when it comes to commodities except for prices.

Reason comments section interesting - as usual.

"...If everything was "peaking" when prices were going up; what does it mean when they are coming down? This is where explanations based on the theory of economic "super-cycles" might shed some light. Economists Nikolai Kondratiev and Joseph Schumpeter noticed that since the late 18th century the prices of most commodities tended to rise and fall in waves lasting 40 to 60 years. However, the troughs of each successive price wave tended to be lower than the last, indicating that the real prices of commodities were falling over time. In general resources are becoming ever more abundant, not scarcer...."  

If David Suzuki's head explodes in a forest does it make a sound? 

"...However, Erten and Ocampo report that metals have been an exception—the mean of the last cycle was higher than the preceding one. Still, they note, "The contraction phase of this cycle has not even begun yet, which can lower the mean of the whole cycle in the upcoming years." It now appears that commodity prices were just reaching their pinnacles when Erten and Ocampo were writing up their results back in 2011. Instead of peak resource production we are most likely now past peak commodity prices—and heading lower for at least for the next ten to fifteen years."

Ouch. Not good for a commodities/resource based economy like Canada.


Back when I was a kid in the 1980s - the video age. Yes kids of today we were the original VIDEO FIENDS. Video killed the radio star and we had a hand in it because we wanted our damn MTV - we'd play all sorts of video games from Atari to Magnavox Odysse to Intellivision to Commodore 64 to Coleco Vision to Sega. But the difference back then is we'd play our games as part of our overall daily routines. They were not played with all day long. We'd play an hour or so and go outside to play sports or ride our bikes after we got bored with the games and if we were jammed up in front of the TV too long our parents would throw us out. We were more active; if not more balanced.

B.C. Quest for Tires was one of my favorites:


Oh look. Here's a surprise Arabs believe Jews behind ISIS.

There's something really off about them. Lyndon LaRouche, Dale Gribbel, Noam Chomsky, Bobby Fischer and Alex Jones have nothing on these folks.

"Now here's something depressingly predictable: A meme in the Middle Eastern media that ISIS is the creation of Israeli intelligence. More, really: that ISIS isn't merely an Israeli project intended to disgrace the Muslims, but something essentially Jewish, something actually—to quote one of our exhibits—"Talmudic."



"...The Serie B side’s fixture against Empoli in May 2013 was suspended for 30 minutes after crowd disorder, but the impatient Vicenza fan simply decided to give up on the 5-0 scoreline and unwittingly return home to a devastating sight...."

"...It is not currently known whether the man discovered under the sheets was an Empoli fan or not."

I adore that last line.

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