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American schools.

Maliciously ruining young lives one at a time with 'zero-tolerance' zealotry:

"At first blush it sounds like an open-and-shut school disciplinary matter in a zero-tolerance age:
Some schoolchildren claim another student bragged about having marijuana. They inform school administrators. An assistant principal finds a leaf and a lighter in the boy’s knapsack. The student is suspended for a year. A sheriff’s deputy files marijuana possession charges in juvenile court."

For. The. Children.


Is Barack Obama The Messiah?

Still a good site to visit once in a while.

To remind how stupid people can be in their hero worshiping cultish behavior.

PS: If you entertained the question for, say, a millisecond you're the worst kind of pimple. 


Remember when the left alleged Palin's rhetoric led to that shooting in Arizona a couple of years back?

Civil discourse and all that jazz.

Funny how they don't feel the same way about Obama and Holder during Ferguson. To me, what they did - advocate for one side of the story - was far more irresponsible and dangerous.


Anti-semitism is anti-capitalism.


Snippets of T.C.:

Last month I was at my daughter's portfolio night at school. She was showing us her work and came upon a story she wrote. By the end of it she wrote, 'To sum up, he's a derp.' At which point my wife looked on with a nervous grin while I stood pretty much with face in palm.

But boy was I proud.

As if that wasn't enough to make a grown man with an immature mindset proud, today she told me we should invent a drink called 'Mountain Derp.'

She also likes to rework ads. For example, she reconfigured Scotia Bank's 'You're richer than you think' into 'you're poorer than you think' and Rothenberg and Rothenberg's 'You deserve more' into 'You deserve less.'

Her nine year-old mind is fast and furious with the quips; quite the eccentric, articulate and creative kid. Needless to say, public school isn't fitting her right.



A universal prescription drug plan could reduce total spending on medications in Canada by billions and cover everyone at an affordable price for taxpayers, health policy researchers say.
Canada is the only developed country with universal health insurance coverage that does not also offer universal prescription drug benefits.

Those developed countries being Europe. And in case you haven't noticed, a continent with muted growth, appalling tax rates and restrictive labour laws, increasingly incapable of paying for their generous welfare states.

Saving billions, by the way, means we'll spend double that in prog-speak.

Of course, once it becomes too expensive like anything else run by the government the researchers will say, "IT WAS JUST AN ACADEMIC SUGGESTION! You're the morons who listened to us!"

Universal food is right around the corner because everyone has a right to eat.


Poland prepare for battle fearing Russian invasion.

"...For evidence of how much President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia has jangled nerves and provoked anxiety across Eastern Europe, look no farther than the drill held the other day by the Shooters Association.

The paramilitary group, like more than 100 others in Poland, has experienced a sharp spike in membership since Mr. Putin’s forces began meddling in neighboring Ukraine last year.

Thirty students took an oath to defend Poland at all costs, joining nearly 200 other regional members of the association — young men and women, boys and girls — marching in formation around the perimeter of the dusty high school courtyard here. They crossed Polish Army Boulevard and marched into the center of town, sprawling in four long lines along the edge of St. Joseph’s Square.

Gen. Boguslaw Pacek, an adviser to the Polish defense minister and the government’s chief liaison with these paramilitary groups, marched with them. He has been making the rounds in recent months of such gatherings: student chapters like this one, as well as groups of veterans, even battle re-enactors."

Perhaps their fears are warranted, what with WWII still fresh in their minds (and who could blame them having been fucked over by Russia, Germany and Austria over the years) and how the Obama administration has treated Poland, but it's an improbable scenario.

Attacking Poland means attacking NATO.

And when you attack NATO it's basically a Bat-Signal sent to the United States.

Not even an incompetent Obama administration would be ignore such an act of aggression.



"The White House is removing a federal regulation that subjects its Office of Administration to the Freedom of Information Act, making official a policy under Presidents Bush and Obama to reject requests for records to that office. "

He didn't mention this on Jimmy Kimmel.


Take a break. Have a mint julep.

Recipe here.



Cross-dressing ISIS cowards.



  1. Does your 9-year-old daughter have a blog site?
    Like a portal for self-expression?

    As for the Obama/Holder comments vs. the Palin comments: Double-standards have always been and always will be a collective "social tradition". All the way back before ancient Egypt or the Roman Empire...

  2. No blog. Although she wants one. She's also into making videos on youtube. As for the second part, this is true. It's just fun to make fun of the left.


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