North American Cooling

Some takes on U.S.-Canadian relations.

Love - just love - how it comes down to Harper's fault.

I'm not surprised he and Obama aren't the best of friends. Obama has the diplomatic tact of a - well, I'm not sure. Foreign policy, in case anyone hasn't noticed, isn't his forte. Plenty of world leaders - allies - are feeling his cold shoulder.

So why do we single out Harper?Are we forgetting relations between the two countries weren't great under Chretien-Bush either? They were better with Clinton but not significantly more. The Mulroney-Reagan relationship was one where the stars aligned with, what, they being both conservative Irishmen and all that.

The problem is, as it was explained in the piece and one I agree with, Canada's national economic health is dependent on the United States because we never diversified our economy and trade with other nations so that if ever our relations cooled we'd have something to fall back on, if not some leverage. So now that the Americans freeze us out, we feel left alone in the cold shivering. 

At some point we'll get back to the natural order of things in the 'special relationship' but for now, our two countries have two leaders that see the world in different ways.

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