Daily Round Up

In case you haven't noticed, I now pile up articles into one big, gigantic, humongous post. Not only that, from now on, sometimes you'll see 'Fall of the West' posts under the banner of Daily Round Up.

Until I decide to change it up...again.


Oh look, did Attorney-General Eric Holder also use a private email?


Speaking of sad, what about Hilary choosing to hold a press conference at the UN?

Man, oh, man that was horrible theater - and optics!

First, off she can't even lie properly. Nothing she said made any sense or passed the sniff test.

Second, she deleted 30 000 of 60 000 emails. That is, 30 000 personal emails. Harmless emails she assures people.

Third, she still has the charisma of a paper clip.

Fourth, she talks about dedicating herself to woman's rights (woman's rights are HUMAN rights! In case anyone was confused that the term 'human' did not include women) for 20 years. Yeah. Tell that to the poor rape victim she made a meal back when she was practicing law.

Fourth, she treats people with contempt.

Just awful hypocrites.


From SE.

This is thing about taxation. It astounds me how people don't sit and ponder what taxation does to wealth; indeed how it destroys our ability to build wealth.

You can tax all you want but if the system is corroded with cronyism and corruption you'll always be begging for more money.


Top-bottom approach through government initiatives for entrepreneurship is not a way to create an entrepreneurial class.

In can be a part of the process but not a means to an end.

The best way government can help future entrepreneurs is to get out of the way by reducing superficial barriers to entry, bull shit permits and licenses, monopolies and red tape.


Yeah. It's totally about Western imperialism.

I mean, those Icelanders really made a mess of things in the Middle-East.


13 years for possessing two joints in New Orleans.

Well, they have to send a message, right?

Man, that's one bat shit backward town.


Boob Bloomberg approves! You must send them to prison to save their IQ!


The children are our FUTURE.

BEHOLD Baron's criminally ignorant AP European history exam! Where up is down and a triangle is a circle! YOU CREATE YOUR OWN HISTORY!

This poor kid never had a chance:

"very helpful for students. will help you get that 5! every AP student should invest in it, highly recommended. buy it!


Commissioner Bernard Hogan Howe also said that homeowners must make efforts to install equipment properly to avoid undermining inquiries."

Instead of doing their FUCKING JOBS by cracking down on horrific events like Rotherdam and Oxfordshire, these tyrannical assholes want to go full blown communist on citizens.

Shit, has Britain collapsed or what?


  1. On that last segment:
    Make the average citizen do all your work for you while you're still the one getting the paycheck.

    1. No kidding. And when they can't find their criminal they can always rig the cameras or go through film and find some poor innocent that fits the crime closest. Either way, not a good situation when top men are suggesting such nefarious schemes. More disturbing there are people who agree to this not realizing the potential consequences.


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