Otherwise Known As The Dr. Johnny Fever Test

Drink extra coffee, have one more glass of beer or wine, smoke another cigar, have risky sex with that neighbour you've been eyeing, eat raw fat...sure, why not?

Fine. Let's not get too excited. You know how some people get whenever a report spins a small positive on a vice.

Natheless, the article is so thin on details, I'm not sure what to make of it except to recall Dr. Johnny Fever tanking down shots while on air with a Sheriff trying to proof reaction-time slows with each passing drink. Fever got quicker as he drank more.

For starters, define "problem solving." What did they try and crack? A military secret code? One of those notorious "if a train is moving in one direction at 5mph" tests? An algebra equation? Maybe a "if a tree falls in a forest filled with doped up Amazons" rhetorical question?

Doped up Amazons. Nice.

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