Magnum P.I: The Lost Scene

INT: DAY. HELICPOTER. MAGNUM, T.C. (Theodore Calvin not the blogger), HIGGINS, and RICK sit in T.C.'s helicopter.

Magnum: So where we heading guys?
T.C.: Erm, to see Michelle.
Magnum (looks to Higgins and Rick): Michelle?

Higgins and Rick look away.

Magnum: What's going on?
T.C.: Keep quiet, Thomas.
Magnum: I won't keep quiet! Higgins! Are those sharks down there?
T.C.: Don't make it hard on yourself, Thomas. Either you jump or we push you out.
Magnum: What? Why?
T.C.: You owe Island Hoppers over $5000 and you owe Higgie baby thousands more for repairs on the Ferrari!
Magnum (to Rick): Do I owe you too?
Rick (hands an invoice silently)
Magnum: For services rendered to Ice Pick consulting?
T.C. (points to the ocean): Come up with the cash or off you go.
Magnum: You know I don't have that kind of money! I have this case...

They all pull a gun on Magnum.

Magnum (looks down): Come on guys.

They all look away. As he's about to jump, T.C. says something.

T.C.: Wait!
Magnum: Yes?
T.C.: Give me that Tigers cap.
Magnum: No!

They wrestle it off him and place an Orioles cap in place.

Magnum falls off helicopter during tussle.

They all look down in shock as sharks begin feasting.

Higgins: Magnum!

They all look down and see nothing but a pool of blood and a floating Orioles cap.

Rick, without saying a word, clutches Tigers cap and puts it on even though it doesn't fit him right. They fly off.

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