Jokers To The Right Of Me

The NHL is at its confusing self once more.

 Let's see for all to debate. Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Brooks Orpik, key to the Pens aspirations for the chalice of champions, flagrantly sticks a knee out on New York Rangers forward Derek Stepan. with no consequent suspension.

Meanwhile, Ryan Clowe of the San Jose Sharks plays the puck while sitting on the bench in a game with playoff implications of some weight, in which the Sharks eventually win against the Los Angeles Kings in a shoot out, and the league decides the offense warrants no suspension as well.

It's enough for someone to go off. Wait. Someone did!

Rangers coach John Tortorella was fined $20 000 for his comments in the aftermath of the Orpik knee on knee. It was classic, vintage, Torto-rella. He has the perfect culinary name: "I'll have the pesto Tortorella." Try it.

Seems to me players taking physical liberties against one another is a tad more problematic than what a coach has to say about another team, no? Meh. As long as the sticks don't start swinging...

The league needs a good dose of disciplinary consistency - fast.

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