The Devil Swirls

It's pure hysteria. It's over two years I've been writing about this. I don't know what to say anymore.

They're now abusing children with this useless piece of junk and animals too.

Quebec, naturally, has started vaccinating cows. Is it a way to render them inedible? 

"Our cows have no antibiotics! But they're vaccinated!" doesn't strike me as healthy eating. 

We also know through preliminary studies mothers are passing the vaccines onto their new borns through breastfeeding. It's not unreasonable to worry if you eat Charlie Angus AAA the vaccine passes into you. 

It can't be to prevent infection or transmission because the vaccine doesn't do that. And animals can't overwhelm the system.

So why are they filling animals with that garbage? I don't even view it as a 'vaccine'. It's liquid junk.

It's heartbreaking seeing kids and animals react in fear. They instinctively know harm has come to them via the hands of people who claim to care.

Everything they say is a lie.

A cancerous and treacherous lie.


Where are you?

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