Suck At Your Job? Write A Book

Everyone connected to the COVID response catastrophe is wiring a book.

Andrew Cuomo was the first after killing a bunch of people. But then he got disappeared for grabbing one too many asses. 

Then Resident Evil who lurks in the halls of NIAID/NIH Tony Fauci - who has not seen a patient in 40 years - tried to write one but then revelations he tortured animals and was a fraud started to appear and that got shelved.

Just in time for RFK Jr.'s scathing takedown of Fauci in 'The Real Anthony Fauci'.

Recently, two people are trying to capitalize on their criminal lies. Deborah Birx and Jacinda Ardern.

In the case of Birx, Substack is filled with excellent reviews of her book. Birx is a bonafide lunatic and liar. She wanted to lock down the entire United States based on what she saw in China. Not normal and not science-based. What's remarkable is she's still being interviewed as if she has any credibility whatsoever. 

However, I want to take dead aim at Ardern.

Among the noxious world leaders - with Justin and Joe at the top - Ardern holds her place firmly in that group.

Where Andrew cynically and despicably bum-tapped himself for a job poorly done, Ardern attempts to position herself as if she leads with empathy.

Which is an odd thing to claim given she imposed some of the most draconian restrictions in the world. Those lockdowns have come at a high cost and extremely net negative trade-offs.

Where was the empathy for people's mental health? 

Empathy for who exactly? That a leader irrationally and unscientifically shuts down a country doesn't get to claim it's an empathetic measure hiding behind the curtain of 'public health'.

The path to hell was paved with good intentions. In the Covid era, we can replace good with 'bad'. 

Public officials are delusional, maniacal and act out of pure ignorance to the point of malice. "Follow the science" or "lead by science" are notions the Nazis and eugenicists used.

2020 they could have been forgiven. 2021 less so.

In 2022, there's no excuse.

This isn't empathy.

It's psychopathy. 


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