Rex Murphy Lays It Down Like Only He Knows How

Great piece by Murphy in The National Post - that conservative white man's paper. Grrr.

I hadn't heard of Ceasar-Charannes before but she's precisely the problem ailing and dividing the country.

She sounds exactly like the anti-intellectual progressive settling in on the Liberal party (and DNC in the U.S.) like rust. Brining neither peace nor prosperity to our communities.

And it all begins at the top with Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau

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Mar 9
Justin Trudeau Retweeted G7 Canada
During Canada’s G7 Presidency, we’re going to make sure gender equality is integrated in all our activities & the decisions we make. Meet the outstanding people who are going to help us do that

Italy is reeling, France is facing an identity crisis, the UK is embroiled in yet another child scandal, Germany is facing backlash for its immigration policies and together the entire EU is under severe stress. While Japan is located in a part of the world where these sorts of things don't resonate.

But Justin is going to 'integrate it' and with it he's going to come home with a big bag of nothing.

If his India escapade showed, he's not up to the task this 'white privilege' millionaire.

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