Arrogance And Hypocrisy Defines Youtube

In one simple Twitter reply youtube - already under severe criticism for its purging of channels that seem to be targeting conservative - revealed its breathtaking arrogance.

So woke.

It's the answer you expect from a know-nothing, smart-alec who thinks themselves smarter and better than the rest.

Youtube is a young company in a new industry. As such, it lacks the maturity we see from long-established companies who have learned over time through trial and error how to engage and eventually respect its customers.

What I've been hearing and reading about youtube aggressively shutting channels is troubling indeed and makes me wonder what they're up to. The popular one of course is to censor any dissenting views or opinions from the overall left-wing progressive narratives pimped out by news organizations that have long since abandoned by choice professional journalism. By now, it would take a special kind of naif to not know CNN/MSNBC/NBC/DNC/youtube/Facebook/Google are aligned.

It's not 'fake news'. It's a reality people observing and reporting on it have become aware of. The reason it's called 'fake news' is because the people behind these organizations can't fathom differing options outside their stale, regressive bubbles exist. On top of that, when told they just engage in labeling citizens 'deplorable', 'alt-right' and other tactics of deflection. 'How can anyone disagree with us? They must be bad! We must teach them a lesson'.

And lessons by way of slamming rulers on people's knuckles they give.

They're seemingly out to use their power and muscle to silence people who helped make them into powerhouses.

At this point, it's worth mentioning, both conservatives and progressive channels have been complaining claiming they've been shutdown and/or demonetized. Jimmy Dore, for example, has been targeted. But here's the thing, it's not the right doing it. It's other left-wing entities. Motherjones has no problem calling for silencing anyone who don't toe the line and it extends to left-wingers who feel people should be jailed if deemed to be 'climate deniers'.

It's all so strange. There has to be a better way.

It's a kind of technological tyranny. The theory behind the second amendment is to keep an armed citizenry in the eternal vigilance against government tyranny. It's an indisputable timeless axiom of human nature that tyranny is the natural default position of humanity. Hence, the American Founding Fathers, in their infinite genius and astute wisdom, gave the 1st and 2nd amendments (as well as the 4th and 5th) to help stem the flow of that inevitable aggression. These are weapons not meant to be used against each other but merely to guard in the event of creeping tyranny.

It's really not that complicated people.

But progressives don't seem to heed this reality - which is why they're hostile to the Constitution (well at least, the parts that protect liberty) - not to mention religion. Indeed, they live in their own alt-reality where gender is fluid, white are supremacists, patriarchy and social constructs.

They want to social engineer - by force and bullying if necessary - a false narrative of what constitutes progress.

What better way to accomplish this than by stifling and censoring free speech? Just look at Justin Trudeau - rather than adjust his own sophomoric behaviour that gets him into one pickle after another, he looks to Facebook to help combat 'fake news'. Presumably to neuter any criticisms of his questionable decisions and ethics. Just my guess. It's the natural position of a dictatorial, SJW reactionary of what I consider Trudeau.

This is why all rhetoric - all of it - that calls for the abolishment or abridgement of the 1A and 2A come strictly from the progressive ranks. If you can find me a single conservative or libertarian that has done so, please forward me a link or information.

If youtube was true to its core principles they claim about 'equality' and other empty platitudes they spew, they would not be shutting down channels, they would be protecting them.

That's the only honourable thing to do.

Alas, it's not about doing to the right thing is it now. It never was and never will be.

It's about control.

Youtube posted on its Twitter page something about the pay gap. An issue so thoroughly debunked, again only a naif and uncurious mind would cling to it as described by progressives.

Therein lies a bit of hypocrisy. While they speak truth to justice and equality, youtube like Brown and Black shirts (or just plain mobsters) have been bussing heads with baseball bats shutting down channels without explanation or notice. Channels people worked on (in many cases) for years painstakingly building support via subscribers. Some of whom generated an income to live on - money they apparently don't pay out. Money that doesn't belong to them. Money earned by people who helped make youtube what it is.

In effect, youtube (under the guise of their terms violation no one seems to comprehend anymore) has committed a cardinal sin of the American dream by cutting people off their right to 'life, liberty in the pursuit of happiness'.

The undo stress and anger they're creating has a much more greater impact than their virtue signalling posts about pay gaps and promoting SJW videos.

Worse than that, there is no recourse. No accountability. What is, to put more spotlight on the lie that is the pay gap, Susan Wojcicki and her estimated $410 million net worth good for? Are you worth $410 million? How is a woman with this kind of financial wealth allowing for this injustice to happen?

I repeat. A company who believes in pay gaps has a woman CEO worth $410 million.

The they wonder why there's a growing backlash against youtube.

Wait. It gets worst still. Much worse. This video glorifying Jihad is still up though. And merely mentioning this fact lands not the producer of the video in trouble but US - as in the people who find this troubling. We're the ones who run afoul of 'hate speech laws' somehow in the twisted progressive narrative. Read the comments and then march on to Vimeo for the version with captions. I'm not going to link it because it's that bad.

Youtube in effect and in short, considers conservative channels worse than this.

People - as a whole - do have a sense of perspective and when they see things begin to go off the rails they react. They react, well, by setting up a youtube channel - or expressing their displeasure on comments threads. What's next for youtube? Ban and block people there too?

Do they not know the word eventually spreads even to neutral observers like me?

See, the funny thing about double standards laced with complacency and arrogance is that eventually people will expect explanations for certain actions undertaken by a company.

It's well, quite frankly, unconscionable behaviour.

How is this any kind of justice in their distorted world view?

Youtube is chaos. It's pointless virtue signalling for its own sake. It has no real principled ethos backing it up.

It's run by immature minds that seem to have convinced themselves they're fighting the good fight.

In reality, they're shadow boxing with their own conscience.

And customers and the people will have the last say.

They always do.


I expect more from Google. Hopefully, they will heed the pleas of people to take it down a notch.

Stay tuned.

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