Liberals Ask Catholic Church To Act Against Its Conscience Or Lose Funding

"A national furor over a federal summer jobs program has hit home in Southwestern Ontario, with the head of the Catholic church in the region calling for a boycott and insisting Catholic churches won’t be “bullied.”
Bishop Ronald Fabbro, in a strongly worded open letter to 118 parishes in the Roman Catholic Diocese of London, slams a Canada Summer Jobs Grants program condition that he says requires applicants to attest support for human rights, including “reproductive rights.”
"...Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have come under fire for the attestation, with hundreds of churches and faith groups who hire summer help saying they feel they’re being forced to sign a statement that runs against their beliefs.
A Toronto anti-abortion group has filed a court case arguing its Charter rights are being violated by this attestation.
Federal officials have said the intent of the regulation was to restrict organizations from using federal funds for activities such as graphic anti-abortion protests.
But faith-based groups are unhappy about being asked to align with the idea of reproductive rights."
Canada is back! 
The problem with taking money from the government is they can set the terms no matter how unfair and even though it's our tax dollars.
When Trudeau talks about Canadian "values" he's talking about his own views about them and simply transplanting them on the country. And that he's willing to go this far says a lot about his character and moral fibre. 
It is indeed unconscionable - if not downright despicable to threaten to withhold funding - to impose such a demand on religious groups. 
Alas, what else is new with this scandalous, immature and disrespectful Liberal party.
One avenue religious organizations could consider is to look to private charity and support aligned with its views to help with their good work.
You know, the Liberals have turned me off so much with their SJW nonsense, I've begun listening to the Catholic channel on Sirius just to reconnect with theology and religious spirituality. 
While I'm not exactly a pious man, as I've discussed on and off on this blog, I firmly believe religion takes unfair criticism from the left. It's one thing if the attacks is backed up by a strong argument, quite another if it's just shallow anti-religion rhetoric. Quite frankly, it's been my contention it's the latter that rules.

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