NYT Embarrassing Retraction


Either they're incompetent or negligent or they're full of shit. Or maybe just both?

I've seen quite a few retractions from legacy papers in recent times but this is among the most embarrassing and notorious if you ask me. I thought the whole point and premise of the argument favouring newspapers is they're rigorous in their fact checking and have editors and big kabooms.

Correction: March 2, 2018 
An earlier version of this article incorrectly described the probable effect of the new tax law on a hypothetical couple’s 2018 tax bill. The TurboTax “What-If Worksheet” that generated the projection for their 2018 taxes failed to indicate that the couple would probably be entitled to claim a sizable deduction for income earned from consulting. As a result of that deduction, the amount they would likely owe on taxes would decline by $43, not rise by $3,896.

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