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We just want to have a conversation.

'Member when Kathy was going nuts about Palin's crosshairs? Yet, she thought this was a good idea? No one stopped her and questioned her? 56 years-old and this is the sort of wisdom on display? Just like Madonna saying she would 'bomb the White House'? Or whatever stupid thing she said?

Hey, free speech and all that. Absolutely. But it doesn't absolve of her of the consequences of her decisions. I don't think she should be put in prison (as leftists believe people should through bull shit hate speech laws which is exactly what separates libertarians, conservatives (mostly) and classical liberals ), and nor do I think taking to a petition is particularly a good measure of 'virtue' (nor are organized boycotts for the that matter) while whether she should keep her job is entirely up to her employers. CNN opted to dismiss her; which was probably a good idea given their overt anti-Trump stances. You can't claim a higher moral ground and have Griffin on the payroll.

Never mind Snoop Dog (he's soooo cool) apparently shot Trump in one of his videos and George Lopez treated something stupid as well (I forget what it was. I tend to ignore stupid idiots acting like stupid idiots and then hiding behind their comedy or art).

Intellectually, the progressive left are just crazy at this point. They're not even trying to debate and engage choosing instead to lash out and mock.

Could you imagine if someone did this to Obama?

In my view, this was not meant to be funny as she claims. It was meant as a political statement. One in which that's very eerily reminiscent of ISIS videos. Imagine the families of those victims having watching Kathy's pointless parody.

The image of holding the severed head over a politician - and what's mind boggling if these ignoramuses would take a second to get off their lousy faux-outrage and suspend their partisanship for one second they'd understand that what he's accused of (without proof) is nothing out of the ordinary where politicians go.

Obama is filled with scandals and dubious decisions. Jack Kennedy was a womanizer and the left adores him. Or Woodrow Wilson being a stark raving racist or Bill Clinton, well, we know.

And never mind how many Democrats who have been convicted of pedophilia right up to Anthony Weiner. Or look up Tim Kain's son.

This is the modern state of the DNC. All SJW and no common sense.

The list of corrupted Democrats as well as those who committed acts of misogyny in a party where racists found a natural home, is quite staggering. It's the party that loves war and racism yet the media and left-wing academics have managed to convince people that it's not thanks to a sustained campaign of revisionism and propaganda based on dubious facts if not outright lies.

The Democrat party of the United States is without ideas. All it knows are narratives.

Nobody with a functioning brain with a properly calibrated moral compass could possibly support a party so out of touch, so filled with losers who hold people in outright `contempt.

Progressives are nothing more than people who project.

If this is the general thinking of the average DNC supporter, the future of the party is up in the air.

All this is doing is simply leading people to conclude, 'I may not like Trump, but those people are just plain stupid.'


Quick word on Lebron.

If true, not acceptable what happened to him. It wouldn't be an idea, however, to see the video footage if there is one.

Right now we're seeing a rash of these incidences and my 'Spidey senses' are wondering if those committing those acts are indeed 'white racists' which would surprise me. We haven't really seen this sort of stuff ever discusses or reported in ages. Makes me wonder just who is behind these acts. Recall we already have documented reports confirming stages acts of racism since Trump's election.

We'll see.


That didn't take long. Griffin is playing the victim card. When all else fails blame 'old white people'. That conference was a strange mixture of insufferable progressivism and outright ghoulishness.

She's obviously not very bright and surrounded by very stupid people.

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