Quick Take

The way the left are behaving, it's making it very difficult to have a meaningful discussion on legitimate concerns that may face the Trump administration.

At the moment, I see an administration learning the ropes of the game. They awkwardly state decisions striking the wrong tone even if harmless (immigration ban) which only further distracts from some of their better decisions (Devos and Gorusch appointments, pulling out of the Paris Accords to name a couple). But these are up for debate.

However, it's hard to do so when everyone is over reacting to every single one of his moves.

And Obama isn't helping but keeping his face in public.

One can but hope this culminates into another Republican government in 2020. Trump is resetting things that needed to be jolted back into reality. He probably won't succeed on some of them but it will make things easier for the next administration to deal with things that need attending to once and for all - things like unfunded liabilities (Trump's call for spending noted), immigration reform and demanding the UN smarten up and the EU pick up some of the tab on some bills.

Nothing crazy if you ask me.

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