An Unbelievably Stupid Species We Are: Trump Does The Right Thing Pulling Out Of Paris Agreement

There's been no shortage of hyperbolic headlines after Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris Accord. Apparently, it was a 'death warrant' for earf.

Keep this in mind. They basically just told you we're all gonna die. Just not now. Maybe later.

Or something.

Just trust them because it's really, really, really bad.

In any event, the accord was a particularly bad one for the United States. Long story short, they were expected to cut growth and subsidize the scheme for the benefit of...well, we're unsure. What we do know is Europe was looking to ride of American money...again. Just like they did with NATO.

See, Trump is just bringing to the table something everyone has pretty much accepted as fact: That Europe (and Canada) built themselves a luxurious welfare state while the Americans paid for the defense of Western nations. The part I especially found unbecoming was how they then mocked the Americans for their 'lack of compassion' and for not being as 'enlightened' as they were.

Trump is putting an end to this. He shocked Europe back into reality and they're lashing out.  Even cronies like Elon Musk are pulling their tantrums because they're worried green money paid for by taxpayers may soon come to an end.

Moreover, Obama essentially unilaterally signed the agreement without going through the usual proper channel (John Kerry I believe said it was no longer necessary to use proper channels - or something to that effect) of passing it by the Senate. In doing so, the accord is simply not binding.

And they worry about Trump being a dictator. Pft.

The fact is, the deal would basically accomplish squat. There's no way China and India are going to jeopardize their growing economies for the agreement.

The targets were unrealistic and the time horizon too far out to matter because who knows what could happen next week let alone in five, 10, 50 years. Meteorologists can't predict with any guaranteed accuracy about local weather but we're gonna hinge our policies on remarkably unstable models - to say nothing of lack of proper equipment - for the entire earth? For 20 years?

How arrogant and stupid have we become to think we can actually take on Mother Nature by such ridiculously simplistic measures? How barbaric to such a sophisticated problem!

How insidiously irrational this 'we must do something now' mentality has become?

We've been *needing* to do something before it's too late since the 1960s. In the meantime, climate-system change has become a neat cottage industry for those invested in it.

In any event, newly elected Macron has been challenging Trump's authority (demanding we make the planet great again) to govern his own country while Angela Merkel - who has made a mess of Germany while setting a remarkably aggressive tone with the rest of Europe where her absurd immigration demands are concerned. Germany is one country I'd keep my eye on - has sat with Obama in what could be perceived to be an act of betrayal and disrespect; to say nothing of being unethical.

But hey, it's Obama we're talking about here so he does what comes natural. He wasn't looking out for American interests for its own sake. Rather he was, like with the Iran deal, focused on managing American power through a globalist agenda.

Back to Paris. Macron said: “I tell you firmly tonight: We will not renegotiate a less ambitious accord. There is no way,”

Okay.  Then you pay for it.

Leave America out of it.

I'll take the odds on America.

If you're so inclined, good discussion about this decision at Reason.

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  1. The thing about this "climate change" phenomenon: While man-made pollution (a.k.a. "greenhouse gasses", as the experts so put it) may, indeed, be a partial cause, there could also be other causes along with them ...like various ongoing natural and cosmic cycles, for example.
    Also: What if the causes are internal activity within the earth itself? Like a global mega-volcano building up inside the bowels of the earth itself? Eventually getting ready for a massive world-wide eruption?

    But, with all the partisan attitudes surrounding this subject, the probability of any kind of committee or group of unbiased and open-minded scientists to look into this matter deeper and investigate it more thoroughly is (more than) quite unlikely.


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