The Stupid, Shallow, Thoughtless, Insufferable, Dangerous Game Democrats And The Progressive Left Are Playing

We already know the left aren't interested in selling their ideas to people. Not when there's a Republic to save! Not that they really care about republics in a classical sense.

They just care when, well, I don't even know anymore they move goal-posts so often it's hard to get a handle on what philosophical or intellectual framework they may operate from.

It all just seems plain old fashioned reactionary to me.

If the left actually thinks piece like this one from Pierce in Esquire (and there have been many like it) or celebrities offering rewards like Rosie (get a real job Rosie or get into politics) or Olbermann plain losing his mind riling himself into a solitary one-man 'resistance' nut or the endless stream of anti-Trump propaganda rooted in lies and innuendo from the mainstream press led by CNN, WaPo and the NYT or Obama's cute little travels in speech-lecturing designed in part to undermine a sitting President all in an effort to take down a DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED OFFICIAL who broke no rules or laws (his only mistake and flaw is to govern in a style people don't like. It's a little like demanding a team give back a trophy because the losing team didn't like how they played and then lying about refs being bribed and rules needing to be changed etc.) will not come back to haunt them in the future, they seriously need to rethink this.

And when it inevitably will happen, they will act, as they are now, like the world is coming to an end and that it was unprecedented. It's a flaw in their mindset. See Griffin. It's never about them because they're always right and so moral.

Ah, the ways we wield that hypocrisy axe.

How mindless and arrogant.

Hey, I notice all of a sudden playing a lot golf matters to the left now.

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