Are The Golden State Warriors Bad For The NBA?

The quick and short answer?


For a longer one, I can but over the following perspective.

People are worried that no one can stop the Warriors and are concerned this may hurt the product in terms of fan interest.

How watching a team play the game of basketball so much better than their closest rivals is considered a bad thing is beyond my comprehension.

That the Warriors are a dominant team is not their problem or the NBA. It's your problem. You want to take them down? Play better than them. Make better trades. Draft and develop better. Hire the best coaches. In other words, by complaining wondering what the league needs to do  to stop them, how about YOU figure it out.

This ridiculous notion of 'competitive balance' is beginning to reach a point where 'every team deserves a title' and boo-hoo-hoo the Warriors are making it that much harder to win.

There's no more corrosive mindset spreading like a plague threatening not just sports, but Western civilization (ideas on cultural appropriate, trigger warnings etc.) as a fricken whole.

That's the essence of competition. To be the best; to aim for dominance and excellence. If you remove this from the equation you will be listless just like our civilization's current state of intellectual sloth.

Not accepting a defeat by refusing to look in the mirror only makes your own failures even more glaring for all to see.

Personally,  I want to see what the Cavaliers, Celtics and Spurs do to take on Golden State.

Dynasties aren't bad for sports; they enhance them by pushing everyone to try and do better.

Or else, why compete? Why not just 'wait your turn' while letting incompetence further entrench itself slowly eroding the competitive spirit thus eviscerating what little dignity you hung on to.

Golden State are the best.

Now what are you  - NBA teams - gonna do about it?

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