Obama And Trudeau: The Derp Duo Of High Sparks And Low Class

It's been common tradition for former Prime Ministers and Presidents to quietly cede and hand power to an incoming leader and government never to be heard from in the public sphere.

Until now.

Suddenly, Barack Obama has decided to break with this political etiquette to take his act on a lucrative tour of babblings of an over-praised leader who doesn't have the decency to move aside.

Have you heard peep from Bush or Harper?


That's holding dignity and integrity of the office you once served.

Obama is pissing on it. As if he broke the mold of how to run a government. Cynically and without substance perhaps but of little else. I knew he possessed an enormously inflated ego but hadn't realized it was Wile E. Coyote (Genius) levels.

To consistently take shots at a sitting President is grotesque and reprehensible. This from a man who befriended Chavez who proceeded to siphon billions from Venezuela and charted a course for turmoil.

Trudeau for his part, not one to impart knowledge of history and wisdom, decided it was a good idea to Tweet out a picture of he and Obama sitting in a restaurant - the commie and the cuck? - chilling and playing cool while participating in this strange game of 'how we must save the world' from a couple of over-rated progressives without a single original thought.

I wonder if Barry ate healthy to please Michelle. I bet.

The arrogance of the left never ceases to amaze. 

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