What's Going To Happen?

If we go by what is generally the accepted version of our history in the West, here's how things will likely unfold moving forward.

That the West is experiencing a process of 'darkening' is pretty clear to anyone who admits it. For instance, activist judges politicizing their rulings, racial hucksterism, silencing of voices, anttifa violence, arresting of people for 'hate speech' on social media, setting 'official' opinions and doctrines on issues like abortion, transgender and climate change, hyperbolic reactions to elections, defense of illegal immigration, the immorality of accepting migrants/refugees for its own sake without proper vetting, post-modern intellectualism, welfare as a means to an end to 'protecting' citizens and the subsequent removal of dignity, the hysteria around cutting or defunding programs of negligible use to the advancement of a civilization, excessive permits demands, white privilege, safe spaces, trigger warnings, obsession over slavery that lead to inane demands for reparations, cultural appropriation, abnormal amounts of rules and regulations that have become oppressive, and so on. All of these are finding support within the halls of academia and even legitimized within our legal framework.

All it adds up to is less the progress of civilization and more a simple assault on liberty.

The closing and slow eradication of classical liberalism began a long time ago; roughly around the time of the rise of the progressives in the early 20th century. It further evolved into a frightful collective Jacobin force guided by Marxism in the 1960s led by loathsome radical individuals like Jacques Derrida and all the moral and intellectual relativist virus that came with it.

Oh, the minds it has poisoned and continue to destroy!

That we experienced two Great Wars that led to the colossal loss of tens of millions of people is the single greatest tragedy faced by the West. With it generations and centuries of inherent Western knowledge was gone. Weak and lost, it permitted for a lower rung of people to take over.

And the result is plain to see.

Pay little or no attention to their screams of everyone being a Nazi, Fascist, racist, thug, ignorant, anti-science and all that. That's just projection on their part. 

Know the players.


What's happening is the true rational and reasoned minds are being pushed aside and forced out of the realm of the mainstream public discourse. Most of the people hogging the mains spaces are the reactionaries. The Robespierre's of our times.

They feed you with all sorts of junk about 'settled science' while claiming to 'fucking love science' when in fact they know little of the subject. Most of the biggest players pushing the agenda aren't climate scientists at all but are opportunists earning a healthy income off it.

It's not just in the sciences we see a 'shuttering'. It's in the humanities, engineering and other fields and industries. Just follow FIRE and Campusreform and Reason magazine to keep informed and be aware of what's transpiring and unfolding before your eyes.

The government will increasingly crack down on free peoples (just like the Church did once upon a time) and what this will do is spark - or at least reignite - our genius much like we saw in the Renaissance. Most of the great moments in history came in times of chaos and often when people were suppressed.

It just taps into our inner desire to excel. When pushed, great minds will eventually push back and regain control. At what cost I do not know but there will be casualties. People will go to jail at the hands of tyrants, some unfortunately may lose their lives if the trajectory of the rhetoric from the left continues.

Alas, if history is our guide, it will hopefully not be in vain and their voice will be heard for generations to come. I'm confident eventually there will be a natural purging and the moss and pond scum will eventually recede never to be heard from again. There will be a return to normalcy and our sense of perspective and proper contextualization will be put back in order.

As the sidelines swell more and more with such great people, they will eventually get back in the game and will overwhelm the pretenders and shysters.

*They* often say 'you will be on the wrong side of history!" They usually being the ones who will end up on the very side.

Don't be played. Be astute. READ YOUR HISTORY*. Don't interpret it through corroded lenses. Be vigilant and intelligent about it.

*If you think Trump is a Nazi - metaphorically or otherwise - you have not read your history. If so, you failed. Now go back and READ THE FUCKEN THING. Arm yourself properly and don't be a useful idiot for idiots.

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