The Liberal Party Of Canada Puts Ideology Above Your Rights To Free Speech

As you know, I'm not a supporter of the Liberal party (or the NDP for that matter). Heck, since Trudeau and seeing what he has done, I downright despise them. Can a group of politicians be anymore insufferable at the alter of political correctness?

Never mind all the quibbles about budgets and foreign policy.

The singular issue that should concern us all as Canadians is the one about freedom of expression and speech.

Increasingly, slowly and surely, the government is moving to squash your rights to whatever 'official' position on the books.

An official position that is imposed on an individual is the eradication of free thought.

And when free thought is eliminated what do we have?


The thing people don't understand about what's happening is A) they don't want to believe it's true (it is. Bill C-16 and Motion 103 are clear red flags) and B) that if they don't say anything wrong they're safe.

But they're not. The very fact we don't come to the defense of someone who holds a differing view (however maddening, eccentric, offensive etc.) means we've left ourselves vulnerable to those very same attacks and aggressions from the government to prosecute opinions.

Canada is not on a good track at all. And since the arrival of the Joy-Joy Feelings of the Liberal party it has regressed to a point I consider threatening to civil liberties.

And if you think you're rights are guaranteed you're wrong. The Charter doesn't, at the end of the day, protect your rights at all. Basically, the way it's written is the government has final say.

Remind me how this is not totalitarian again?

The mere existence of it should leave us a tad concerned.

Contrast this to the United States, a truly unique people among nations, they at least have the First Amendment to protect them. At the end of the line, the sovereignty of the people will inevitably prevail. Unless the left begins its assault on the 1A (and they already have because they know in order to control people the best way to do it is through language) like they're doing with the 2A.

Yes, the common, clear enemy is the progressive left. These are not friends to you or our civil liberties.

I can't see how anyone would conclude otherwise. Every single major piece of legislation in the West that curbs freedom comes from the left side of the spectrum.

It's what they excel at.

I've joked that it's a matter of time even a tiny, shitty blog like this one will eventually come into the cross hairs of some piece of shit, remedial, shit-stained faux-righteous, pseudo-intellectual SJW and be reported to an unelected body of beastly bureaucrats determining if I'm a danger.

I think people at the moment aren't thinking hard enough about this issue. They're not pondering the consequences of these actions as it relates to their fellow humans. It can and usually does ruin the lives of everyday people.

The criminalization of speech and opinions is not a normal development in the West. It's not a natural ideal that has any basis in our collective heritage and conceptualization as liberal beings.

It's in fact a malignant virus stemming from critical theory and other left-wing ideologies seeking to hijack what we've achieved as an enlightened civilization.

The day pop culture pseudo-scientists and politicians started to agitate for the 'arrest' of who they term to be 'climate deniers' was the day I turned my back on that movement. A movement that is less rooted in reason and more in emotions with cult-like fanaticism.

The second you need to resort to violence (I will be tackling the pathetic antifa idiots in another post) or calling for the arrest of people you disagree with mean you lost the plot. You're incapable of moving forward your argument through facts and reason. Saying people are not *listening* is a cop out for if your argument truly was valid and had merit, people will come around.

Fight for your rights people. Don't let special interest and politicians set the tone and laws controlling speech. If they do, ask yourself: Are you sovereign? Are you not your own moral and intellectual agent?

What good is the collective and 'diversity' if the individual is weak and without thought? Or possesses  ideas but is too afraid to speak?

It isn't.

And it all ends up like Soviet Russia, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela.



I do find progressives smugly relishing the fall of O'Reilly interesting for one reason. I think they believe that part of the reason why no one listens to them (as revealed by ratings) is because people are stupid and have been roped in by the likes of O'Reilly and Limbaugh.

With O'Reilly gone, they somehow think that magically things will 'set straight' and be less 'confrontational'.

Instead, what's going to happen is they will still suck (because mocking people is not a way to sell your ideas) and others will step in and take their place.

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