Outremont's Disrespectful Name Change

Renaming Vimy Park to Jacques Parizeau (of all people) is disrespectful.

But it's par for the course in a province that tries its hardest to keep Canadian history to a minimum in its curriculum. Moreover, in a province that chirps about respect ad nauseam that sure know how to show little of it.

I'm heartened that the Coderre administration is looking to commemorate Vimy in another park but this place was already named for a reason.

To me, this is exactly how not to earn respect.

All for a divisive political figure (and I'm biting my lip to not say more) who couldn't hold a single candle to those fallen soldiers. A man that went up on stage drunk screaming 'money and ethnics' like a xenophobic moron couldn't be a worse contrast to our heroic soldiers who shed blood in one of the most important battles of WW1.

Bravo Outremont.

Take a bow.

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