ESPN Think Mixing Politics And Sports Is A Winning Formula

As if I didn't need another example or reason to avoid ESPN (which I have now for over two years) here's another:

"The two most notable changes from the Political Advocacy policy are the delineation of guidelines between news and commentary, and allowing for increased political discussion on ESPN platforms, as warranted and connected to sports. This isn’t a surprising development, it’s just new."
Awesome. More insightful political perspectives from Jemele Hill. Bets on how quick they fire or don't allow views supporting Trump. I'm taking them now. Didn't they fire tennis writer Adler for merely expressing a non-racist opinion for being racist? Of course, we all know about Schilling. 

But let's cram that stupid Bruce Jenner story down our throats!

Maybe ESPN should focus on, you know, sports? Something they actually purport to be experts at? Even then, they haven't always fulfilled their duty.

Then this part in the piece..."ESPN perceived leftward tilt".

What do they mean 'perceived'? It's this kind of lack of self-awareness and arrogance that turns people off. Have the guts to admit it. It would be like The New York Times and The Washington Post insisting they're not liberal when everyone knows they are. 

It's not perception when the position you take is left-leaning. It's so blatantly obvious. Know how people know this? By the lack of any conservative or libertarian view points.

Is ESPN for real? Do they take people for fools?

I'm glad people in the comments are having none of it.

I'm personally not interested in going to a sports station to listen to politics especially in a place where I'm pretty assured to not hear my point of view.

ESPN is run by idiots and Fox Sports should see an opportunity here but they seem like a disorganized bunch.

Here's a detailed article on ESPN's broken model.

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  1. It's a bit like ICE ROAD TRUCKERS on the HISTORY channel.
    Where's the "history"?
    Likewise, where's the "sports"?

    It's like a podiatrist performing brain surgery simply because he/she is "part of the medical profession".


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