Free Speech Needs To Be Vigorously Protected

With yet another terrorist attack taking place in the West - this time in Stockholm, Sweden - Islamic terrorism and how it relates to migrants, refugees and immigrants continues to be a dominant issue.

And rather than discuss (and argue), our governments and its dopeheaded political masters are looking to shut it down rather than engage with its citizens by way of something called 'hate speech'.

Vague and dangerous, all hate speech laws accomplishes is drive people's opinions underground where it festers in an under current of anger while at the same time creates a new victimless class of criminals. The West will find itself imprisoning people for an opinion.

This is a horrible and outrageous development and needs to be reversed.

Canada, in all its natural anti-liberty default position, is doing its part through the grotesque Motion 103 introduced by the Liberals. So has Europe. The UK (home of classical liberalism), Germany, Sweden, France and other countries who have lost their way have already begun the process of criminalizing speech (from comedians to citizens alike).

The United States stands alone on this issue and one in which it must prevail.

But just like the Second Amendment is under constant duress and subject to specious interpretation, the First Amendment as well is slowly falling prey to the left's censorship streak. Hillary during the campaign made allusions to cracking down on speech and Trump hasn't exactly been comforting on this issue either.

In Canada, it's a foregone conclusion the NDP and Liberals will not stand on the side of free speech arrogantly and stupidly falling into the concept of 'balanced speech'.

Never is it ever conclusively determined how they arrive at 'balanced' speech.

Here's why. Because it's bull shit.

Hate speech laws are categorically evil and leads to shutting down of progress.

It makes no difference if it purports to 'protect' people. Once you create a two-tiered speech mechanism you in effect have criminalized citizens for their thoughts.

Statistically, there is a case to be made that Muslim extremists do disproportionately commit the most violent acts in the West. Progressive sites know the stats proof this so they've taken to conflating and misleading. For instance, 'most Muslim violence is not religiously motivated'. Which is to purposely deflect from the fact that these acts are committed by terrorists from that religion. Tying to play games with this is nit picking for its own sake and doesn't add to the debate except to confuse.

How can we arrive at an objective truth if we shut down speech pointing to the hard data? How is this 'xenophobic' which, if I understand Motion 103, would classify this post under? Does the discussion in this thread constitute a violation of Motion 103?

What about this blog post?

The question for us though is framed thusly: Muslims do disproportionately commit violent acts no matter how low terrorist acts are to begin with. The murders are spectacular and gruesome.

The larger question in this context then becomes how much of our civil rights are we willing to give up for it? For example, in the United States, the Patriot Act is wreaking havoc on American individual rights.

Then comes another angle to this mentioned earlier. Gun control advocates would prefer to disarm people in the thinking this will reduce crime. Even if we concede this (and even there the data is spotty at best) what do you think Muslims terrorists will do? Just shift to other means of weapons to cause death and destruction that's what. From home made bombs to knives and increasingly their new choice of murder: Vehicles.

Could it be our entire framework constructed skews the lenses on how we rationalize this very real problem? The answer is yes. The more they commit the acts, the more we seem to double down on our useful idiocy - see Swedish socialists.

Explain to me how this war on speech and how we interpret an enemy (and yes, Muslim terrorism is an enemy) is any different than what we saw during the Second World War?

I don't understand how anyone can dismiss this troubling pattern and turn of events.

It's unfolding right before our eyes. 

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