Video Clips: On Media And Hillary The Monster

A good video explaining succinctly how bad (and willingly naive) the media is.

I'm not sure of what to make of this story.

Nancy Salem was fired from her job for tweeting this:

Oh dear. This poses a bit of a problem for progressives - not the kill the Jews part - seeing she's Muslim, right? Notice they haven't said a single damn word about this.

Moving on. I don't know what context this was done but I have to admit a Palestinian saying 'kill some Jews' is not good optics and people can be forgiven for taking it at face value.

On its surface, it's an abhorrent and depraved thing to write.

Which brings up the whole putting oneself out there for all to see and read and its potential pitfalls; some with irreversible consequences.

She wrote this three years ago. As you know, I'm no fan of digging junk up on people and then pinning them unfairly with it demanding stupid apologies in the process. Often, the judgement in public opinion is actually worse than what was originally said in my view. It's witch hunting by other means is it what it is.

She was fired and ostracized (rightfully so) and we should just move on.

Notice how I didn't call for tighter hate speech laws that silences people's opinions. She's entitled to it. I have no interest in putting her through the court system and possibly in jail for a stupid, thoughtless, ignorant, tweet lacking in humanity.

But censorship is worse.

Laugh, but these guys make more sense than any of the crap I've been seeing talking about Trump.

And it's nice they're calling Hillary out for the monster she is.

To think idiots give her standing ovations at events and theatres.

Bunch of morally and intellectually defunct partisan morons.

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