Canada's Universal Health Care Is Junk

Supporters of Canadians are prideful of their second-rate public health system. They clog comments threads across the continent singing the alleged compassion of the system.

After all, we're not barbaric like those Americans, right?

But here's the thing. We have one of the most rigid and cost-centric systems in the world. A system that insists everything gets funnelled through the bureaucracy. A system no country looks to emulate and one in which American progressives seem to want - naturally. Mediocrity is their warm gun so long as they pretend everything is 'equal'. A system that seeks to weed out choice and this is what makes it inherently 'junk'.

Case in point Barrette's insane plan to remove the private option - or at least make it more affordable because 'not fair' and 'greedy' via more inefficient subsidy schemes not unlike the daycare industry.

The quotes are filled with the usual statist drivel about how 'clinics make a killing off the backs of people ergo we need to fix it!" What utter nonsense.

We're doubling down on enabling people in remaining hooked on government support.

You're seeing in the flesh how evil our 'good intentions' can be.

Basically, people who can afford private ultrasounds were just screwed and thrown into the public system. Where we can get an appointment inside a week or less has suddenly become a third-rate option where we have to wait months on the public side.

It's embarrassing. You call this enlightened management of health?

It's simple: PEOPLE WANT CHOICE. And taking it from them is IMMORAL.

Updated: Visited the Super Hospital today. While I still think the wait is too long, they did a much better job of moving us along while keeping us reasonably informed. The doctors and nurses were excellent if not most polite - which we appreciated. The hospital was clean and decently well laid out. In fact, I've detected improvements along these lines so clearly someone has been listening to the criticism over the years with regards to access and service.

Not a bad thing to say. And while it didn't sway my opinion of allowing for more private services, we should continue to strive to keep improving and keep focusing on making it more patient-centric to the extent a public service can.

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