Leicester City Were Nothing Before Ranieri

Sports is filled with teams who have sometimes fired their coaches or managers inexplicably or without warning. 

But this one is among the worst I've seen yet.

Before Claudio Ranieri came, Leicester City were a perennial fringe soccer club. They were nothing really.

He then orchestrated one of the greatest events in pro sports history by taking an insignificant speck of a club all the way to a Premier League championship. An all-time victory for the ages that should have provided Ranieri with some, you figure, job security.


In danger of relegation, the geniuses who run Leicester City decided it was time for a change. A coach that made them who they are and it was time to sack the guy?

What kind of bush league, unprofessional disgrace is this? Have some class and gratitude for fuck sakes!

After all that Claudio Ranieri has done for Leicester City, to sack him now is inexplicable, unforgivable and gut-wrenchingly sad.

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