Phrases And Terms I hate: Not Qualified

Progressives love their empty jargons. It's all they've got.

They've over used words like Hitler, Fascist, Nazi, misogynist and racist so often and without much thought it has rendered those terms toothless. Gee, I wonder why. Why debate when you can just shout down the person you hate with any of those *scary* terms.

Now they've added 'fake news' to the roster. Funny how that one suddenly became a *thing* as soon as their side lost the election. I mean, come on! It has to be because of *FAKE NEWS!* No one could be so stupid to vote for Trump!

So it makes perfect sense - in their little minds - 'the deplorables' were mislead. Again, this is just projection on their part. See,  progressives love to be led by experts so when they see people who don't, it has to be because they're 'anti-rational' or whatever else nonsense they've convinced themselves of.

The thing is, it's so obvious to pick out the cynicism in their game it's comical as it is troubling because they've now taken to violence and destruction of property. Once the big scary words lose their panache, what else do you have left but to lash out in such a manner, right?

Now they're on this 'not qualified' crusade.

Anyone and everyone is not 'qualified' to run this or that department.

As if this is something new in world politics.

'Most unqualified government in history!" just means you don't have careerists or cronies running your show. It could actually be a good thing to have outsiders running the government.

In any event, as if there has been enough hypocrisy on display, they don't seem to mind the biggest names pushing something like climate  system change - Al Gore, Bill Nye, David Suzuki, Naomi Klein and others - aren't technically qualified to talk about climate change.

Never mind the same can be said of Paul Krugman and his political musings.

Yes, they're not in government - except for Gore and the fact they can influence policy - so....

Check out Obama's failed nominees.

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