Quote Of The Day: Trudeau's Emptiness

There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada,’ Trudeau claimed after the October election. ‘There are shared values – openness, respect, compassion, willingness to work hard, to be there for each other, to search for equality and justice.”

Guess who?

The shallowness of Trudeau's intellectualism is disconcerting.

If Canada has no identity, how can it have values? How can you have a 'value' if you haven't even defined yourself?

So, what are we left with? That the only 'values' that matter are the ones we just make up as we go along? Or in this case, as Justin Trudeau sees it? Seems a tad narcissistic to me.

Once upon a time Canadian leaders defined Canada's ethos as 'peace, order and good governance.'

That seemed pretty straightforward and acceptable to me.

How it came to mean all these other vague things like 'respect' and 'willingness to work hard' is beyond me to comprehend since those are not 'Canadian' values but, you know, general universal ones attributable to mankind as a whole. How flimsy is our sense of 'identity'? We've taken to saying universal health care is a 'value'.

Here's the thing when you have a poorly thought-out, unprincipled outlook. It has no meaning; no depth. No one is going to latch onto it because there's nothing to cling on to.

The truth? Justin has no clue and sticking a 'post-national' label on it isn't going to make it so.

And this stuff will manifest itself in its foreign policy.

There is no better person who exemplifies this inherent incoherence on values (which really is nothing more than empty existential, modern relativist gibberish) than Chrystia Freeland. She who is part of our 'war room' to deal with Trump. We're in good hands.

Her entire intellectual framework is one rooted in aimless Trudeauesque 'values but not values' or 'my values are your values' rhetoric.

Read her book - that won awards for some reason. Or look her up on youtube to see how this sophomoric world view plays out on the world stage when Bill Maher took her to task. Or her emotional meltdown after CETA talks broke down in Europe.

If you're expecting some sort of nationalistic defense of Canadian interests under the Liberals, you're can be sadly mistaken. The fact is, because Canada never did truly come up with an identity like the Americans did and it showed throughout its history. For when it came time to defend our interests at the most critical times, we often simply folded.

So Canada is what you want it to be. Today, Trudeau in Yoga pants, tomorrow O'Leary in a Trump mask.

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