What Is A Progressive?

A progressive takes a reality and turns it into myth. They take what naturally occurs among voluntary peoples - preying on the imperfections and perceived unfairness and injustice - and engineers schemes and policies wrongheadedly thinking they can make it better.

A perceived wrong - often based on faulty premises - must be fixed and regulated by experts.

Progressives then, in all their magnificent sloppy sophism, defend their faulty thinking and the inevitable chaos it causes as being realistic; as to it somehow reflects the state of man. The violation of all natural human (including economic) laws through coercion is a virtue to them. History is to be molded in their image; not the other way around.

What is up is down with progressives.

There are no inalienable rights to progressives. Just rights bestowed upon the people through the benevolent iron hand of the state

There is no ideal that power resides in the sovereign individual flowed from the authority of God.

Just rights to be given and taken away by the government.

This is a progressive at its basic root.

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