The Frightening Zealotry Of The Left

Have you seen?

Progressives are once again embracing violence. 

It's in their DNA.

It's who they are deep within their defunct and degenerate world view. A most profound ignorant and misinformed gang of malcontents is hard to find. Decades of horrific public indoctrination praising collectivism has ripped and stripped them of their moral and intellectual agency. It is a myopic outfit ready to accept superstition so long as it confirms their opinion.

See. We live in a time where if insurance premiums go up the blame is not to go to the government. Rather, it's 'greedy' insurance companies (apparently a company is no longer permitted to profits anymore; or at least the amount the left deems 'excessive') who are to blame. Bank regulations that lead to financial breakdowns? Why, it's all the bankers fault. Not the government. No siree. 

Government is good. It's there to preserve the public good.

Didn't you know? 

It doesn't distort reality. Except it does. And when it skews perceptions of reality there's always business to blame.

If you're a Jewish business person all the better.

Progressives, from what I've observed in the last nine years now, don't possess principles. In fact, their entire framework is basically a tribal network of virtue signalling at the behest of principals.

Ever notice how they 'vow to resist' and 'fight for justice' or become anti-war protestors every time the letter changes?

Trump will start a war we're told? What the heck are they smoking? Have they not noticed the USA has been in perpetual war under Obama? 

It's hard to debate one because they'r so committed to their cult, the sophism that follows is filled with minefields of logical fallacies and outright moving of goal posts.

I know you are but what am I?!

I've been touched by this on a personal level. People I considered to be level headed and sensible have not only dismayed me with their reaction to Trump they've flat out dropped their masks and shown an utter contempt and disrespect for others who may disagree.

Suddenly all those years of friendly debate under Obama has graduated to a 'fuck you you asshole piece of shit who condones rape and racism' moon battery. It's disheartening.

Let's be clear.

The only ones to be blamed will be them should violence escalate. Rather than accept the democratic process they've chosen to allow a misplaced sense of faux self-rigtheousness guide their irrational anger.

It is they who are acting like the fascists.

A good bit of projection is in full view for all of us decent minded folks to see.

Pay close attention to what they're saying. What rubbish to claim they do this in the interest of justice!

In normal discourse we allow for someone to commit an uncivil act before we react. Rather, in this instance, because a man they judge to be unfit was elected FREELY and FAIRLY, it galvanizes them into action.

And if this action means violence and belittling their fellow compatriots so be it.

I don't consider myself a violent person or one that hates.

But what I've seen from the left these past few months is disgusting. One in which we must not accept and refute in the halls of debate until we intellectually bash them into the ground condemning them into nothingness where they belong.

If they choose to bring bats to this discussion as is won't be the violent progressive left, so be it.

They're overplaying their hand. They're doubling down on their identity politics rubbish. We just need to hold the line and they will sink and lose for they possess no real positives for humanity. Alas, they're anti-humanist.

They brought us into this Dark Age and we're going to get out of it without them. 

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