On Dishonesty And Inaugural Crowds

On the size of the crowd? Who gives a shit? That's once again a media driven false obsession to distract from the real issues. Trump is only to glad to hit back with his own narrative.

He's trolling the media's own bull shit and they're eating it up.

Really folks, if you're getting worked up over this.

Meanwhile, not a single report on the mobs on K Street beating up peaceful people celebrating the inauguration or other disruptions by anti-Trump 'protestors'.

As far as dishonesty and thinned-skinness goes.

Obama spread falsehoods too (but few, if any, journalists or talking pundits flapping their lips and gums like Chuck Todd et al dared challenge him) and was clearly thin-skinned and petty himself. He just showed it differently.

The more you play this game Sullum the more you breath more life and power into Trump.
We just witnessed eight years of sycophancy and the media suddenly acting tough again and doing their jobs is only pissing people off more.
It's a weird juxtaposition because it's happening in favor of Trump who isn't exactly the sort of fella who should benefit from it. But here we are and he's going to troll you guys and you'll take the bait.
Keep this up and Trump is going to get an even bigger win next time around.
As far as I'm concerned the media, the unhinged and false-protestors and Trump deserve each other.

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