The Violent Left

I'm in agreement. There IS a war. This is not people exercising free speech; this is violence and the use of it to intimidate. Only difference is I've already learned to hate the left. I have no tolerance for communism, socialism, Marxism, and every other destructive, anti-humanist isms from fascism to Nazism part of the 'left-wing' umbrella.

Evil is what it is and it's threatening Western civilization.

Hyperbole? It's not when we see it unfolding in real time. You find it normal how the left (including celebrities) are reacting? Trust your gut. Most decent people know. You don't need to be invested as some of us to feel it's wrong and obscene. Remember how for eight years we were told how 'racist' America is and that hate crimes were on the rise and how the Tea Party were mad people? Yet, we never saw a single evidence of it. We didn't see conservatives protesting or marching screaming to the level claimed.

But we do see the left's hate in full bloom right before our eyes.

They are liars and they are dangerous.

What side are you on? Ours, with word and reason or the barbarians armed with ignorance and weapons?

It used to be, in classical liberal/libertarian/conservative ranks they believed in the idea of compromising with liberals and progressives.

I've come to the conclusion we must not. They can't be pleased or appeased. They're in nihilist mode wallowing in utter degenerate despair and ignorance.

There's no bridge to mend or cross with them. They don't want it. They burned it.

Like a sick rabid dog, the movement needs to be put down.

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  1. What the world needs is a true nonpartisan middle-of-the-road mindset.

    I don't much care for ANY kind of partisanism, be it extreme left or extreme right. Partisanism tends to lead to ultra-myopicism.
    Only by looking at the whole picture can one think and behave reasonably.


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