The Great Homer Scream of 2017

Every time Trump makes a move you can hear the agonizing moans, yelps and (croc) tears (see that idiot Schumer) of his enemies.

It's gotten so blatantly idiotic (it's not a Muslim ban if, you know, not every single Muslim nation is not on the list originally devised by the Obama administration. For example, last I checked, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia weren't 'banned') all I hear is a big loud Homer scream as he runs off in his underwear.

It's worth noting Iraqi's are meeting this with much 'meh'. They see the positive in it and quite frankly they make a helluva lot more sense that idiots like De Blasio or celebrities pumping their chests to show their 'diversity' street cred badges.

There's no question this ban is going to annoy green card holders or people with business or education visas. It's not fair to them and hopefully this gets regulated quickly.

People applying for visas, on the other hand, are just going to have to tolerate the political games.

The world won't end. America won't collapse.

In fact, it's a great distraction for nothing.

As for its Constitutionality, well, let's just see what the Supreme Court decides tomorrow. So far from what I've read, it isn't unconstitutional and if it was, that means Obama acted unconstitutionally.

You can't have it both ways progressives. These things don't come out of a vacuum. It's actually a plot  libertarians warned against. Don't enact legislation that can be used against you or in ways you may not like. But they care less for the potential long-term ramifications of their actions and more for the immediate emotional impact to score really cheap points; no different than what Trump is doing.

There's going to be plenty of things to legitimately go after Trump for. Heck, the way he executed this EO was bush league. Blindsiding people and DHS like that is not helpful or right. Poorly done.

The again, he is up against a massive civil service and if he's to clean or at least reduce its size (and quite frankly, they got just a tad too comfortable and arrogant under Obama) he has to play this game of shock.

Trump is, folks, laying down the tracks and foundation of an overhaul of government with pretty much the entire mainstream media and Democrats and large portions of the GOP establishment against him. If he gets 4% GDP growth out of this it's game over for that group.

Under estimate him at your peril. He's proving to be quite the Machiavelli. Behind the blistering blustering lays a grand master plan.

So, jumping on him this early and this vociferously is only going to numb people and further cement people's decision for having elected him into office.

In other words, it will backfire.

It's called picking and choosing your battles and pacing yourself.


And it may be of importance to actually argue with proper and relevant facts and not chant empty slogans that have no intellectual or legal standing. 

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