CAQ Bull: No Such Thing As 'Open Nationalism'

Over time, masks fall:

“The defence of French isn’t a refusal of other languages, it’s a question of survival for our identity,” he said. He urged the Couillard government to enforce the language law, especially in Montreal. He also called for an extension of the French-language rules in Bill 101 to the 135,000 employees of companies in Quebec under federal jurisdiction.

“I don’t see why we ask big private companies to register in Quebec to conform to Bill 101 and don’t ask the same of big banks and insurance companies,” he told reporters.

Given Quebec’s “distinct character,” Legault argued Ottawa give the province all power to select immigrants to its soil. Quebec has a say in 70 per cent in immigrant admissions, according to the Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion Ministry.

In other words, Legault is just another separatist hack with a little coin in the bank working in a different party.

This turd would force me to write an email to a colleague in French.

I won't address this crap because, well, it's tiresome and weak. Unfortunately, the Liberals chimed in with their own 'one culture, one language' crap. Business blah, blah but let's ball bust people on language.


All I'm gonna say is:


Just because you think like a bunch of parochial hacks doesn't mean it's so.

In his closing speech, a buoyant Legault rebranded the CAQ a party of “open nationalism,” a third option between the “soft federalist” Liberal Party and sovereignist parties. The CAQ leader called for more protection of the French language in the workplace as well as a greater say for the province over immigration.

Open nationalism is oxymoronic; mutually exclusive. There's no such thing as 'tolerant' nationalism. Nationalism is belonging to a group of people. What Legault and his flunkies are saying is you're like us but not really. It's like saying someone is a libertarian-communist. It's retarded.

Francois. You think you're talking to a fucking idiot? I'm kinda educated and well-traveled. Don't play with words.


Nationalists throughout history work against liberty. They do not respect individual rights. The adhere to the collective.

And no adjective can ever change this fact.

Nothing more. Nothing less.



Quebec politics is so lame; so 19th century.

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