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With the way things are going in PC world, no one should be surprised to read this sentence coming from jolly ole England (or as we say here in Quebec Hengland):

"Parents criticised the decision and said their children had been discriminated against for being British."

'Speak white' in reverse. Take that "White Man's Burdern!'

"This latest trip was one such example of a range of initiatives, funded by central government, which forms part of our engagement and school improvement plan."

Emphasis mine. Do I really need to add to this frightening sentence that comes straight out of 1984?

Pretty soon people will be embarrassed to be white and will ask for skin-change operations. Paid for by taxpayers of course. We wouldn't want it any other way. Because civil.

You can't make this shit up anymore.

Someone is gonna have to take on the task of, you know, chastising Great Britain because they're acting very stupidly - to borrow a term from Captain Orator down south.

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