Memories Courtesy Of Florida Police

Nice memory this cop gave this kid for the rest of her life.

"In an exclusive story which I am breaking here on my blog, a young girl’s father vows to seek justice for his daughter, after a Green Acres Police officer broke her arm.

The incident took place on Tuesday October 21, 2014 inside John I. Leonard High School.
That’s where 15-year old Daniella Galindo was talking on her cell phone with her mom when Green 

Acres Police officer Jared Nash walked up to the teen, and asked her who she was talking to.
When Daniella replied that she was speaking with her mom, officer Nash demanded that she give him her phone."


Or I break your arm.


The police are fast losing respect among the people. 
All they need to do is read the comments of any thread in North America. There are more negative than positive if you ask me. Very few people side with the police anymore.

And that's a warning they should be heeding.

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