The Excuse For Emergency Act Is Staggeringly Poor One

There is no emergency.

There's a parking dispute. 

There is no violence either.

We know this by the live footage, eye witness accounts and by the fact the Federal government has acknowledged it has no proof. But that didn't stop NDP leader Jagmeet Singh from standing up in the House of Commons declaring there was violence.

So I wondered. What in the world do they mean by violence?

Then I saw a clip of retired lawyer Bruce Pardy explaining that the government's interpretation of the 'Public Order' provision in the EA (enacted in 1988) is based on the perception of violence through rhetoric. In this case, the truckers rhetoric constituted violence in the eyes of the government and in the context of politics.

For those of us who have been observing the evolution of how the left has been changing and redefining language in the last 20 years, we knew this was a highly problematic and potentially corrosive and dangerous development. Particularly where freedom of speech and civil liberties are concerned.

It's all crumbling before our eyes as we've allowed Covid to become politicized to the point the government is cynically expanding its powers.

Canada is in a very bad place at the moment.

How we beat this back I don't know.

But fight we must.


Meanwhile Gates has declared Omicron serves as a better vaccine than the vaccine itself.

Thus putting the final nail in the coffin about mandates being useful.

What a criminal mess all this.


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