Justin Is Sinking And Taking Us All Down With Him

"With great power comes great responsibility". Ben Parker. 

A man can sometimes have two options when faced with a challenge. He can accept defeat or what's in front of him or he canrieact in defiance despite what's obviously in front of him. 

The former would mean acting with humility for the betterment of all. The latter reveals a selfish narcissism to preserve power for its own sake.

Justin Trudeau, a ridiculously comical ideologue who is being lampooned the world over, chose the latter.

He decided to attack peaceful protestors (an illegal blockade can be a problem but it's nothing out of the ordinary of modern protesting tactics in Western countries and hardly constitutes an emergency. Furthermore, you don't invoke such extraordinary measures for the economy. Once again a horrible precedent is set. What's next? An emergency for basic protesting? The flu? If this be the standard, Canadians have a big problem. It is up to us to fix this immediately to ensure no leader acts with such irresponsible force) and once again there seems to be a good chunk of gullible Canadians - who have not learned the lessons of blindly believing the state as we saw with  '15 days to flatten the curve' are once again letting their indignant emotions get the better of them here. 'It's enough!' they scream. 'Take the shot!' These are the cries of a tired people lashing out for no logical reason. 

They should ask themselves why is it enough? Did they try and put themselves in someone else's shoes? Their basing their opinions on the notion set down by experts and officials who say the vaccines are the only way out. But as we see from other countries, this is simply not true. No one seems to care or show any respect as to why people have chosen to not to take the vaccine. This is a divide in the culture that can't be mended. Vaccines fall under the empty tropes like 'trust the science' and 'safe and effective'. It holds a magically powerful hold on people. Yet, and this is not the purpose of the post here, when one delves into the literature and history of vaccines, these truths suddenly become vulnerable. Is the science of vaccines built on a house of cards?

Justin is willing to burn Canada down for his mandates, But why? The science doesn't back him up anymore. At least when you consider the vaccines no longer provide the kind of effectiveness promised so the mandates aren't proportional to the quality of the product and what it's supposed to accomplish.

It's just a vaccine that can provide protection and perhaps reduce hospitalization or death. That's it.

It's not a magic bullet. 'No vaccine is 100%' the sly ones - originally retro-fitted from the 'take the shot to end the pandemic' - will say as if that's a comforting reason to take it. Indeed, if no vaccine is 100% safe or effective, then why one-size fits all 100% mandates? 

There is no logic or science driving any of this. We have doctors going on TV lamenting the loss of passports because they encouraged people to take the vaccine. That's an obtuse authoritarian claim from a class of people who claim to be following science. Of course, that''s not science. It's coercion. They continue to advocate social engineering habits based on faulty premises. This is the opposite of science. It's propaganda. 

There's no logic because perhaps we're not following the money. Somewhere in this sordid and sad saga someone is making a lot of money. 

Everything is tied to each other. The umbilical cord from '15 days' to the mask mandates, lockdowns, shutdowns, restrictions, fiery unsound and divisive rhetoric - all of it - brought us to Justin's remarkably stupid decision.

All with the help of mainstream media of course. Their lust for war and mandates shows the colours they wear.

One can hope, for Justin, the old 'play stupid games, win stupid prizes' will apply. 

Like the catastrophic fall out from our ill-advised lockdowns will mean years of repair and healing, this measure will perhaps lift soon but at what cost? People are already getting hurt.

Innocent people.

I don't think people who support this idiotic and rash move quite grasp the severity of the problem. They're too blinded by their own false self-righteous nonsense to see. As one Montreal Gazette propagandist described the truckers as 'sanctimonious'.

Good job there Aaron. They teach you that in 'J-school'?

And the courts. Don't expect judges to come to the rescue either.

Think of the damage.

One day, you are free to make a contribution to a cause, the next the government deems it illegal and your bank account is frozen.

This is not a free and functional democracy. It's stuff from a banana republic. And Canada has two formidable bananas: Justin and Chrystia Freeland. 

Free. Land. Oh, the irony.

Chrystia doesn't get enough scrutiny but she's every bit the puerile totalitarian at heart like her boss.

They're two peas in a pod. A perfect match. Bonnie & Clyde.

Yes, to me, they're on a freedom killing murder spree.

One can only hope their actions come to similar outcomes.

But for now, Justin is lashing out lack the brat we all know him to be. He's become a caricature of himself. To be laughed at like a carne freak. 

No leader, to my knowledge, has been more scandalous, verbally grotesque, divisive, shallow, and obscenely arrogant.

He should be removed.

But un the meantime, who in their right mind could trust banks? Why are they giving in so easily to his demands? And what about the RCMP? Why are they choosing to be gimps - Brown and black shirts perhaps - to him?

He's the Prime Minister but he's not a King.

We have laws - both legal and spiritual - to uphold and respect.

Justin violates these.

The RCMP should protect them. It is their duty. It is very easy to just say, 'No'. 

The greatest medical hysteria in history has brought us to this point. 

What we do from this point forward, is entirely up to us.

Next election. Choose wisely. 


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