States Of Emergencies Galore

Oh my have Canadians become shit disturbers.

Bet that wasn't in the SPARS and Agenda 21 plan. Gates and Klaus must be scratching their heads wondering how they missed a blue collar rising of this sort. From Canada no less.

A nation known for its obedience to the law and politeness now inspires the world to rebellion.

According to Benjamin Franklin  rebellion is obedience to God. Canada is doing right by God's and Natural law.

Canadians are also fulfilling Henry Thoreau dictum that when a law becomes unjust, civil disobedience is justified and a civic duty.

Except, we're not dealing with laws here. We're dealing with a lawless and rogue government - with the blessing of the courts it would appear - inflicting harm on a free country and its peoples through untenable, unethical and unscientific decrees and mandates.

Canada has 10 Premiers and a Prime Minister that essentially declared war on civil liberties in the name of 'public safety'.

The irony is you're not safe. This government provides no public health protection nor is it concerned with the rights of man.

It's a double loss for every single Canadian - and citizens of the world - regardless of vaccination status.

The government of Canada, under an noxious, odious and weak man posing as a borderline illegitimate Prime Minister, has created an atmosphere of angst and animosity for its own agenda. Whatever it may be at this point. It doesn't seem to make sense to an increasing number of people including MP's within the Liberal ranks. So out of control this mandates have become the PM engages in bizarre Kafka-esque and Orwellian gibberish stating mandates are necessary to prevent future restrictions. In Quebec, Premier Francois Legault added his own perverse understanding of liberty when he uttered, 'masks are liberty' and later on exposing his unique ferocious talent for finding futile measures 'passports are liberty'.

Abuse of emergency powers were bound to expand state power. Anyone with a remedial grasp of history - or Hollywood movies - knows this was inevitable. The declaration of a state of emergency in Ontario and Alberta reveal - sigh - once again the shallow and stark hypocrisy of the political and intellectual establishment. 

During the BLM/Antifa riots throughout North America, people in various cities were subjected to 'mostly peaceful protests' that burned down city blocks, wanton destruction of property, and engaged in brut violence that sometimes resulted in murder. In Seattle, violent protestors even took over a block known as the 'CHOP' where rapes and murders took place while Seattle police were forbidden to enter.

Whether it was in Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon, or Washington no state of emergencies were declared. In Canada, Justin Trudeau - true to his puerile Marxist activism - took a knee with protestors when BLM blew north.

Double-standards, gaslights and foolishness abounds among the the opportunistic vipers in government, media and academia.

So many knees. So little integrity. So much naked opportunism. 

In recent days the United States under the direction of the same forces (read Democrats) that failed to act while their cities faced destruction and violence, began to put pressure on Canada demanding they use Federal powers to end the blockades on the Ambassador Bridge connecting Michigan and Ontario. 

The message: Crush these uppity blue collars.

Michigan Empress (aka Governor) Gretchen Whitmore (who along with other Democrat Governors imposed some of the most draconian restrictions as well as having sent infected patiences into long-term care facilities and nursing homes resulting in deaths) called for force while members of the faux-intellectual classes even called for 'tires to be slashed'. Of course, it wasn't vigilantism what was called for except it was, you know, vigilantism.

A bridge, it's worth noting, that represents about 27% of trade between these two great neighbours. By far the most critical border crossing where trade is concerned.

And Ontario Premier Doug Ford - not being a particularly courageous figure possessing the spine of a wet noodle - obliged and declared that good old state of emergency. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney - another CINO (Conservative in name only) - did the same.

Blockades have been a key component of protests for decades in the West. Never has a state of emergency been declared to my knowledge. The understanding was, correctly, people have an inalienable right to protest.

Apparently no more.

Where death and destruction did not result in a state of emergency, apparently playing hockey, eating pancakes, jumping in bouncy houses, hugging and carrying Canadian flags does. 

No, no. It's because people are bringing fuel to the truckers and honking their horns!

That's why we need a state of emergency.

Yet, it could all end so easily. END THE MANDATES. But they don't want to. They want to crush the truckers to send a message to you and me. That message is never challenge or question our authority. 

It's that stark and obvious. Which means, we need to strengthen our resolve, dig deeper and spit in the face of this totalitarian mindset. Do not let it seep in or else we're done as a free country.

What we're witnessing before our eyes its the full inglorious incompetence and impotence of state power and control. The bureaucracy is made up of cronies protecting their rackets and answering to some of their masters. 

No free and strong society treats a true and peaceful protest if it wasn't a real threat to their power and agenda. Alas, the era of declaring of emergencies is upon us. Just like words like 'racist' has lost all power and meaning, the over use of states of emergencies that do little other than to aggrandize state power, will resonate less and less with the public.

The truckers seem to have touched a nerve. A nerve that roused a global consciousness. 

Canada went full punk.

I could not be prouder of this country. 

Onto to freedom friends! 

Honk, Honk!


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