Valcartier Cadets: 40 Years Of Canadian Shame

40 years.

40 long, ridiculous years it took for the Federal government of Canada - the over seers of all that is good and protectors of people - to be told they should have compensated cadets who were victims of an explosion.


Mostly because, I reckon, the Feds actually ignored or even fought this in court.

A complete farce and national disgrace.

When a worker gets a little boo-boo labour groups like worker's compensation rush in to give them money.

Yet, when it comes to soldiers we treat them, well, inhumanely not just in Canada but the United States as well. They can go kill for the flag for national prestige but when they come back there's no glory but for the politicians.


You know.

Even when the government wants to save money or cut spending, they fuck that up. If you ask Canadians, I don't think this is how they want their government to behave to save a few pennies. Especially considering how irresponsible we are with the coin from bail outs to green programs that go nowhere.

Alas, his has pretty much been the theme in the post-war era, with both parties playing their part. Here's a nice Harper v. Pierre Trudeau summation.

Harper in particular, despite his military rhetoric, has done precious little to help our soldiers.

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