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Couple of thoughts.

They say libertarians are "lawless" in their thinking. Yet liberals and progressives tend to tolerate if not celebrate domestic terrorists like Bill Ayers. Indeed, like here (as is the case for former FLQ murderers), they find nice comfortable jobs in academia.

Libertarians are a little more principled than that.


Police across the country are preparing for 4th of July celebrations by keeping a close check on possible Islamic terrorist attacks.


According to the government and the left, I thought Americans should be afraid of 'right-wing' terrorists.

In any event, animals kill more Americans every year than terrorists or lone nuts do.


I'll be in Chicago at some this summer. I read that the city welcomed 50 million visitors in 2012.

Montreal, by contrast, attracted 18 million - and I read it's on a downtrend.

True, Montreal is a smaller city population wise - 4 million to Chicago's 10 million when metros are included ( without the met. Chicago stands at 2.7 million to Montreal's 1.6) and much smaller land wise.

FYI: The head of Montreal tourism earns something like 400k a year.

Food for thought.

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