Alberta's Human Rights Commission Is Run By Crazy Tyrants

"...The Law Society of Alberta has issued citations against lawyer and media personality Ezra Levant relating to remarks he made about the province's human rights commission.

CBC News has obtained a copy of the citations which allege Levant's comments were "inappropriate and unbecoming" of a lawyer."

Unbecoming? UNFUCKENBECOMING? Are these losers for real?

Yes. Yes, they are. And you think your free. So naive. So, so naive.

Arman Chak (whoever this guy is) and his ilk are a bunch of parasitical and dangerous sleaze buckets who contribute absolutely fuck all to Canada.

See my hand? Absolute fuck all except to be a giant douche bag with nothing to do but harass citizens with their bull shit.

People who attack people on the grounds of muzzling free speech are extremists and should be chastised for it.

This is what Levant wrote:

"But with human rights commissions, when you think you've hit rock bottom, you haven't," wrote Levant in his article. "The crazy keeps going down. You gotta get out your shovel and dig to get to the crazy that's underneath the crazy."

Now the full force of a lousy and useless commission will go after him. While the free speech witch hunting commission lacks any real teeth, process, of course, will be the punishment likely to Levant money, time and stress.

It's what these (unelected but appointed) thin-skinned assholes do. For Canada. For the children.

/quietly turns woodchipper on while licking ice-cream cone.

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