Andrew Cuomo Is Populist Bull Shitter

The latest state engaging in a progressive act of economic suicide, New York has decided phasing in $15/hr minimum (approved by the uber-useless unelected Fast Food Wage Board - which is another way of saying parasites) is a good idea.

Of course not it's not and we'll all see it miserably fail in Seattle.

Once again from the top. One size fits all rammed through by a coercive government in economic matters will generally not lead to desired outcomes.

When will we learn that 'economics' is one of the most misunderstood art forms out there and it's next to impossible to plan it. Sure we have and people will point to all sorts studies that point to the contrary but to me it's all horse shit. Besides, there's a body of evidence and research that support it's all horse shit.

Government officials are usually people who never held a job let alone ran a business, are cronies and corrupt or just plain too dumb to make sound economic policies. To quote a long time friend, 'da fuck do they know?'

The state of New York is in the hands of one Andrew Cuomo (while NYC is run by a socialist bonehead in De Blasio) and he's gonna make sure everyone gets their fucken share of fair justice if it's the last thing he does.

To quote:

"You cannot live and support a family on $18,000 a year in the state of New York — period....This is just the beginning. We will not stop until we reach true economic justice."

You hear that? NO TOILET PAPER FOR EVERYONE. Nice piece of demagoguery write there. Neil Young is preparing a song as we speak as he bites into his Arby's roast beef sammich.

The little girl in birkenstocks approves.

Never mind about the nonsense about minimum wage as a way to provide a 'living wage' (whatever the fuck that means). The reality is - the cold hard facts. I mean, liberals are always smugly telling the rest of us how rational and evidence based they (which they aren't. People who fuck unicorns aren't rational) - a tiny percentage of the work force works for a minimum wage.

Now the reasons for this, I reckon, are long, deep and varied because humans are complex economic organisms not easily fit into stupid empty slogans the left like to chant at Black Potsie's Yoga Seance sessions held by his cultists, but one I bet on is because people aren't lazy retarded idiots the left seems to believe. They understand they're entry level wages; a means to gain experience and skills to get more money.

A person earning $10 /hr at the age of 40 while supporting three kids is a precious rare example in the North American economy. Besides, one has to question such a person's life choices if they're mired in such a scenario. Keep taking advice from Vox and Salon and that's exactly where you'll end up.

That is, Nowhere City but quite capable at whining and blaming others about it while sporting a nicely trimmed beard or ruby red lipstick.

Rather than let what's left of a tenuous free market sputter on and with it a capable workforce  progressives have found another way to showcase their utter ignorance by way of social economic engineering by dipping into the pockets of restaurants like the parasites they are.

It's all bull shit and you're a fool to support such voo-doo crap.

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