Self-Defense Not A Right

I just completed the course required for a non-restricted gun license (long-gun). The government kindly allowed citizens to have a shot gun and rifle. To get a small arm (revolver, pistol etc.) is classified as restricted and more difficult to get.

Anyway. After a long-day blitzkrieg of information one tidbit caught my attention.

The instructor explained that hunting is a right and is enshrined in our laws. The government simply can't deny a person the right to hunt (naturally) but it can restrict and impose regulations. On the other hand, it was made clear you can't ever point your gun in your own home if someone invades your home. Apparently, you can use a bat, stick - whatever- to shoo-shoo or batter a criminal entering your home but the laws are designed such that (as we know) the victim will be prosecuted heavily if they shoot or kill an invader.

So. My take away?

Hunting is a fundamental right. But self-defense isn't in Canada.

Asinine as it is bizarre as it is absurd.

What can be a more fundamental right than a human being defending themselves from an intruder in their home?

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