More On Rouleau: A Dubious Achievement

Canada, I believe, is the first Western nation to crush a protest via martial law while freezing bank accounts that made sure to injure innocent families not part of a protest.

It was done on purpose and it was done by design.

This is what makes Chrystia, Lametti and Justin so wicked.

We became the first democracy to remove protesting as a fundamental and INALIENABLE right in a free society.

That's gone now.

I hope parochial Canadians who still keep Trump's head up their asses understand this.

No protest is safe moving forward,

You may have applauded this move this time but you won't the next.

The sanctity of protesting should never have been abridged or assaulted by the state. In the coming days, I hope and expect Western nations and observers weigh in on what happened in Canada.

Over the years, we've seen far more intense and violent protests in Europe. France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Greece are just some of those countries.

What do they all have in common? They never attacked protestors with martial law. They did use aggressive police tactics but NEVER did the state freeze bank accounts.

We did.

Just like we became the first country in Western medical history to ban people from DOMESTIC travel violating the Bill of Rights.

None of this seems to sink into the heads of Canadians. 


Moroever, we lost the moral authority to ever talk about freedom and democracy again. We no longer have standing.

We're now a cautionary tale.

This is the path we're now on. 

Can this be fixed?

Only Canadians can fix this and what leaves me unnerved is they don't seem to be bothered by any of this.

But that's what you get from a hyper-obedient society with no principles.

You get one ripe for government abuse and vulnerable to totalitarian impulses.

Canada is a post-democratic state now. 

The irony of us fighting Russia in Ukraine becomes even more absurd now.

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