Impeachable Offenses

Now that the Democrats lowered the bar and standard of what is impeachable with two failed attempts against Trump (and yet people still stupidly claim to the Russia collusion hoax despite the massive evidence against it), how does the House deal with Biden's blowing up of the Nordstream pipeline?

This was an act of war essentially.

And unbelievably stupid. 

If there's an actual impeachable offence, here it is. Never mind having steered American into a perpetual pandemic state - as predicted by 'conspiracy theorists' way back in March 2020. 

It's worth noting Biden was an infamous legend when it came to his foreign policy instincts - or lack thereof.

He had uncanny ability of being always wrong according to Democrat insiders.

It's pretty serious what he did.

But continue supporting the Nazis in Ukraine and the criminal acts by the U.S. government and its putz allies like Canada, Andrew Coyne et al.

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