Critical Thinking For Dummies

Scott Adams wants an explanation for how people read the whole Covid scam properly allowing them to decline the 'vaccine' which he now admits are a failure and dangerous. 

He says 'you won'.

But it never was about 'winning'.

These people just don't get it. They see this in some kind of odd Darwinian-binary calculus of 'right' and 'wrong'.

It's impossible to explain how we got it 'right'.

Many factors went into it. Different people arrived at their conclusion for different reasons.

Maybe down the road I'll attempt to make a go of it but not here. It's just too enormous a task.

But let's go with one simple measure.

They said the 'vaccines' were '95% effective'.

At that point, it was incumbent on YOU to reattach and investigate it. But people chose instead to remain in fear and follow orders from public health officials never once asking if they were competent or genuine in their orders.

The fact they pushed so hard through mandates was another red flag.

By the time the 'vaccines' rolled out, we knew the virus wasn't an existential threat (despite the deaths likely over counted). 

By April of 2020, studies were already published saying it would end up being in line with the flu. Never mind Dr. Ioannidis of Stanford (one of the most cited scientists in the world) he conducted the study. One Anthony Fauci - Mr. Sciency himself - concluded the same after his assessment of the Diamond Princess incident.

By 2021, we knew it had a 99.985% survival rate.




What's better?

Natural immunity.


When I put it this way to a friend, it was like seeing him arise from the dead.

And what about the utterly useless boosters?

Notice, that this was such a deadly pandemic that excess deaths were higher in 2021 than 2020 and now 2022 higher than 2021.

How does that happen?

Aren't viruses supposed to weaken over time?


Always have.

Gee, what other factor could be in play here?



And better speed it up because the scammers want to install a medical tyranny.

For our health.


Reject it.

One way is to exercise your brain and mind.

Covid won't kill us.

But our reaction and policies will eradicate our civil liberties.

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