Twitter And Government Merged

What's been discovered following Musk's dumps is nothing short of staggering and astonishing.

But nothing people paying attention didn't suspect. 

This goes far deeper than a bunch of insufferable woke tribal and hyper-partisan ignoramuses filled with false notions of righteousness.

We're seeing that a private entity and state merged.

This is what we call textbook fascism.

This is not disputable. It's only disputable to the most lost of people.

There was a campaign to censor alternative voices that challenged state narratives. It began with the Hunter Biden laptop story in order to prevent Donald Trump from winning 2020. Which he would have in a landslide.

The election was rigged and Twitter is all but proving it.

We now know, and I've got to make this short as I've got to run, is the FBI was heavily involved with Twitter in order to target people as well as the CDC having accesss to its censorship portal.

People who are ignoring this or not seeing the disastrous and scandalous nature of this really are sad and pathetic.

They can't remove themselves from their own jealous, petty and myopic world view (because it's their side that benefitted) and understand this hurts EVERYONE.

Including them. One day, when the shoe changes foot, they'll be sure to scream bloody murder.

But why let it get to that point?

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